Friday, April 17, 2009

The Unit

I know, I know this is a Supernatural board, but after watching the last ep of the Unit with my dad he and I started talking about things that didn't make sense in the last ep titled Whiplash.

The ending was very odd, the way Bob and Jonas were looking at Bridget. Like she was trouble. But in what way was she trouble and then it dawned on him. She's the target not Sam (Whiplash) he was sent to attack her so that they can gain her trust and find out what she's up to.

So now I'm all annoyed because I didn't figure it out. I've gone back through the eps and this ep to see if they're any clues.

Sam's ex-girlfriend said he was weird after he got a certain "mission"

When he was looking at those pictures in Best Laid Plans he wasn't giving a look of lust or psycho he was looking at her like I'm going to get you

Bob is the one who handed him the water that he later used to attack her with but that could be subjective

But here's the biggest two clues
Jonas could have gotten him a million times!
And they took him away in a police car. A Unit member being taken away by regular police!? Please. And they didn't even realize who he was.

They WANTED Whiplash to get away.

I'm convinced it's all an operation he's in on it and there's more to it! There I said it. And if it falls any other way and Whiplash really is a bad guy, I'll be really pissed because I like him. He's a cool character.

I don't like Bridget. She tries too hard to be a dude. And if she's not doing that she's being all, "look at me because I'm sexy" I'm like tone down the sexy aren't you supposed to be focusing on the mission? She tries too hard. The actress is wonderful, she does as she's told. But I don't like that character.

For a long time I didn't like Tiffy, but she stopped cheating on her husband so I like her again, lol!

This show has gotten much better this season.