Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jensen Getting Tired of Supernatural

I think Jensen is getting tired of being Dean. It's ok, I understand. He can do that. I may get mad but whatever his next show is or movie, I'm still going to watch it.

I'm spoiled for MBV, but I'm still going to watch it, duh.

I blame the crazy fans. I think he's sick of ya'll grabbing his ass, who did that! I want to smack them. You can't go around grabbing people. I yelled at a guy for grabbing my wrist. I didn't much like it. And I don't yell.

The same goes for Jared.

The only thing that I ask is for the story to be finished. Supernatural is a great show, I love it, I know it has to end eventually, but please give the fans a decent ending.

That's the one thing I liked about Roswell. I love Roswell. Roswell had an ending. Not a full wrap around closure ending because of the aliens on Antar and all that wasn't resolved but the relationship part was resolved and that was fine with me.

So, please stay on Supernatural until it's finished Jensen. And then do whatever you want I'll be supportive. If you want to sing, I promise I will buy the album. I promise. No really I will. If you want to act on a comedy, I'll buy the boxset and then skip to all the scenes your in.

I don't want to watch a show where the people are unhappy making the show, does that make sense? If I knew that everyday Jared and Jensen were fighting on set, I'd enjoy the show less. They seem like nice guys and I like it when nice guys do good jobs and are happy.

Yeah, yea it's mushy so what.

Supernatural IMDB boards

First of all, I spend far too much time there.

Second, they argue about everything there. I suspect the more mature people are clashing with the less mature people. Things used to be better there, but since the storyline hasn't been giving back much payoff I methinks the folks aren't taking to kindly to the non-answers.

And by non-answer I mean
How is Ruby a demon if she remembers being human?
How is it okay that Sam is sleeping with her? I try to get past it. I can't.
Why did the angels wait so damned long to save Dean?

Things I DO NOT want to happen on Supernatural
Anna to come back pregnant...
There to be another Winchester relative

About me (some more)

I'll get to Supernatural in a second. Because, well, we have a lot to talk about but right now we're going to focus on me for a bit.

I graduated last month and everyone is all "That's great!" And while it is great! It would be better if I had a new job! Fine. Whatever.

I'm a receptionist and I'd rather blog than talk to the people here at the hospital, because they're all strange here. I'm serious the folks here do weird things and then look at me like I'm a few cards short of the deck.

Anyway, I've been working on promoting my dad's novel for two years now. And I know what we're missing (literary agent!) but I only just learned that like five months ago. Sad, yes I know. But none of us has ever written a book before.

So, now that my part-time receptionist job doesn't look like it'll turn into a full-time awesome exec job anytime soon. I'll write a book.

And hopefully by the time I'm finished the job market will be searching for me.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jensen's Girlfriend

I wish people would stop jerring everytime her name is brought up. I'll come right out and say it, I'm jealous of Danneel Harris. There it's out there, I'm woman enough to say it, let's move on.

It's disrespectful to do that. Would you do that to a friend of yours? I don't like my brother's girlfriend but I'm not going to boo everytime she walks into the room.

I mean I do, but it's in my head. Like boo, go away golddigger. Well, my brother has no money so she more of a dollar digger.

She hasn't doen anything, that I know of to deserve that and I'd really like for people to stop calling Jensen's fans crazy. It's starting to have a negative conotation to the word fan, if his fans are booing his girlfriend.

Oh, it just makes me mad when fans act crazy. Don't do things to him or her for that matter that you wouldn't do to normal people, because guess what, they're normal people!

I'm done now. Having said all of that, I'm going to resume my plan to find out what makes her so special, copy it and find a man like Jensen all on my own. And then I'LL get to go to Belize and have fun!

Well maybe not Belize, I'd like to go Tokyo or somewhere like that.

But it'll be with my Jensen-like boyfriend.

The last part was a joke but the first part I'm serious - chill out with the crazy fan nonsense.