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What I like about Star Trek...


In all of the Star Treks I've always enjoyed watching the doctors. The characters can't survive without doctor. They all play curcial roles, and I like them.

McCoy - he's such a smartass. And that was the overly dramatic Star Trek so everything was such a big deal then.

B. Crusher - I liked her because she was gentle. Everyone liked her and she wasn't just a doctor. They sent her on away team like actual missions. One time she went with Worf and Picard on a mission and I was like whoa, but she's the doctor. But she held her own. She's awesome.

Bashir - I've just started to watch DS9, but I like what I've seen of this Dr. he's not annoying and he was pretty funny, not intentionally in the holodeck episode when the crew was trapped in the holodeck. The secret agent ep.

The Doctor

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Off Topic: Devor is an AWFUL movie part 2

I read this interview it's a short blurb:

I'll start off by saying. OF COURSE hindsight is 50/50 but why in the world would you start a movie and then start re-writing it in the middle.

I feel bad for everyone involved. That's false advertising. Do you think Keanu Reeves would've signed up for The Matrix if the movie ended with Neo dying in the end? No, I mean dying and staying dead in the end.

What the hell? The movie you've re-written is not the movie everyone signed on to do. What's going on here? If you really look at the movie Jake makes out with his mom...sorry his demon mom. What?

Really? How can you start a movie with the main character saying "Everything makes sense now." But then end the movie with "Did I imagine it all?"

Well in the beginning of the movie you said EVERYTHING made sense. what?

I liked what I thought the movie was forming to be. They should've ended the movie like this:

Jake finds out he's a demon hell spawn child or whatever. He goes to a priest just like he did in the movie but this priest will be more helpful. He tells Jake that all humans can be healed, cleansed and reach for atonment and all of that. Jake being part demon wants to break the devil ties.

He tells his not!mom (in my version) Marisol what he wants to do and because she's all into that tarot universe stuff would she know of a way to help him. She thinks he's crazy and breaks up with him.

He goes off to try to ignore the voices that tell him to kill. Yes, they're voices telling him to kill just like he was having those crazy images. ::cutting your tongue and all that:: yeesh

So, he meets up with this vampire named Angel. ::no, no no, just joking::

No, he meets up with Walt - the tattoo guy and Walt tells him that there's a loophole. He doesn't tell Walt he's part demon though. But Walt tells him that demons would never devote temselves to a life of atonement and that's what he needs to do.

But Jake's running out of time, his devil mom wants him back now! Because he's the prince of darkness or whatever. He fights the oncoming images of killing and so forth with meditation.

His mom dies, cancer or something. She comes to him in a dream while he's meditating and she tells him that atonement is about sacrificing.

Time passes by the devil doesn't seem to be after him any more. Even though he still gets the killer images, he doesn't tell anyone. Marisol comes back and while they're going out or whatever. The devil comes back and tries to kill Marisol. The devil figures if it kills Marisol Jake will be fuled with rage to go darkside. Jake sacrifices his life to save Marisol.

Jake legally dies for like five minutes or something and when he comes back he comes back ok. No more death images, no more devil so forth and so on happy ending.

OR, Jake could just die. Which to me would be a better ending than being accused for your parents murder and having blood all over yourself as the cops haul you off and probably do illegal things to you for being such a freak.

OR we can go a totally different route and have a side of good in this story. We could have someone following Jake around with the intentions of saving him. But there's so much going on in Jake's life he doesn't know who's good and who's bad. All the while his friends are dying. And he thinks he's next.

OR we could just not have Jake be the devil's son at all. And just let it be a story about a deadly video game. Because they really didn't play that whole The Pathway thing up. But a video game that constanly harrasses you in an age where we have caller id is not that scary.

I think I could do a much better movie. I'll go work on it now. I've got two more hours at work.
double shifts suck

Would you know it if your brother came back wrong?

Probably not.

I saw this picture on and I thought.

Wouldn't it be REALLY jacked up if they BOTH came back wrong?

Supernatural Portal Updates

So, I applied to be an affiliate with I hope they take me. I'm really nervous because they only take high quality sites. I hope my site is high quality.

I update often.

It's got pretty pictures.

It's orderly.

Isn't that good enough? I won't be mad if they don't add me. It's ok. We all still love Supernatural. It's all good.

I'm going to change it soon anyway so...I don't know

I'm upset that all these sites aren't around anymore but I was glad to see that some sites have brought .org or .coms so that's REALLY awesome

I'll list them later I'm still working on the web site now. I just got sidetracked.

I have the best job right now. I sit here at the desk and answer the phone. And inbetween that time I write/do homework/ and continue my Supernatural Love! <----is that a web site name yet. It should be. I'm so hyped for the new season only a month away! Oh my God! Small spoiler highlight to see: Bobby is in the first ep of the new season.

I'll be back with the updates

I'm back....



is now

Unexplained: A Source For Everything Supernatural

is now supernatural


I'm sorry did some sort of plague happen that I am unaware of or is the recession so bad that people have to take extra jobs and save money where they can so that we can't enjoy our Supernatural Obsession <----is that the name of a web site yet? Because that's a good one too.

I did like these web sites, why aren't they around anymore.

Off Topic: Devor is an AWFUL movie

There's SPOILERS in this post for both Devour and House of Wax

And I own it.

It has taken me weeks to actually come to terms with how bad the movie is. But it is a bad movie. But I love Jensen and I just couldn't admit to it right away.

But tell me why I taped/burned it and have it on disc right now?

I watch the beginning and the middle and I just don't watch the end. I have my own ending, which you know I will post later because I am a writer and I fix things like this.

I have this fear that Jensen and Jared will quit Supernatural and we'll never see them together again. But they're sooo cool together. But I'm afraid they'll quit because of type casting.

Here's my deal...I'm watching House of Wax, ok and I'm looking at it like. OH MY GOD! Sam would never do any of this crap!

And I'm watching Jared as Wade be an ass and I'm like. Sam would've gotten out of this. What a horrible way to die. Then as Wade is being covered in the wax and all, I'm expecting Dean to jump in and save everyone.

Same thing with Devour I'm looking at it like. Damnit! If Sam were there this would never happen. But of course this was BEFORE Dean died and went to hell, so maybe the ending of Devour would have happend the same way wether Sam were there or not.

Don't drink and watch movies. It''s bad. I wish I was drinking when I was watching Devour.

Like, if you're a Jensen Ackles fan by all means watch Devour. You get to stare at him for about an hour and a half he's such a good actor. I really mean it. I really want him to be Matt in my dad's book. If it's ever turned into a movie!

But DO NOT watch House of Wax expecting to get a lot of Jared time in. LOL! I FF past his death. It was upsetting.


Off Topic: NO ONE liked The Return

Except for me. I liked the movie. I didn't know where it was heading. I mean, duh, I should've know where it was heading but at the time that I watched it I didn't want to feel smart, ya know.

I didn't want to find out what was going to happen next just to say ha! I knew it this movie is so transparent. I just wanted to watch a movie.

I like SMG and I liked the movie. I don't care what anyone says. I LOVE the ending. It kinda reminded me of Sailor Moon. Yes, I said Sailor Moon. Whatever. It did remind me of Sailor Moon.

I liked the movie and I think that yes, it was slow in the beginning but from the time that the scruffy guy saves SMG the movie picks up.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Supernatural Season 4 - Smelling the Roses

I think that times like these are important. We're nearly a month away from season 4 and I think that before the complaining begins (because we will complain - well find something.) That we sould take the time to be grateful that we're getting a season 4.

That there's episodes in the can waiting for us to watch and be excited about when there was a time when we were unsure that we'd be getting a season 4. So keep that in mind and just be happy that Supernatural has made it when shows in Supernaturals' genre have gone away.

Man I'm so hyped. I found all these clips on youtube from ComicCon (grits teeth) since I didn't get to go. Well anyway thank God for youtube and me say I hate spoilers I don't read them. I run from them. So I'm grateful for the spoiler warnings and tags and so forth. But I clicked the link ANYWAY! And after a couple of seconds I shut if off

So the first part of the first ep of season 4 SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS
Dean ***looks like*** he's waking up in a coffin. And then I shut if off, lol! I'll wait until September, ha!

Graduating High School?

Here's a few things I'd like to impart to the next generation through my experiences. If I could go about college differently this is what I would do...

1. I would not have went to a Catholic College. Because transferring is a nightmare. They're going to have you take classes that trap you. You'll lose your credits for those courses. Those courses don't matter anywhere else. They make you take religion courses that don't count anywhere else.

2. Go to community college first. Get all that core stuff out of the way, ENG101, whatever 101. Take them all at community for the first year or two and THEN go to the college you want. It looks a whole lot better saying Drexel graduate or Temple graduate then community.
Chances are the person looking at your resume would think that you worked hard and worked your way up to those colleges. Or that they themselves either graduated from Temple or Drexel. Either way you win. Besides community is cheaper.

3. If you can help it. Don't go to college as soon as you graduate. Take a full-time job for about a year. Yes, a year. That's what I would've done if I could. Take a years full-time job. It's nothing like being broke going into college for 4 or 5 years. This way you'll have money saved and something to fall back on.

4. When you are in college. Work out EVERYTHING yourself. All your classes and courses. No one cares if you graduate at that school but you. It's actually beneficial for them to keep you there as long as they possibly could. So pardon my expression if you would, but you must be up their asses every semester about the classes your taking. It may make a large difference between being in the class of 2007 or the class of 2009.

5. Do your best. There isn't a feeling more irrevocable as regret. It's there forever. But as along as you know you did everything you could and you did the best that you could. You won't feel regret. You'll know that you were wholly in control and that all your decisions and mistakes were your own and that you did what was best. There's nothing you will regret most than NOT listening to yourself.

Well, there's my two cents. And that's what I would've done. Had I had the chance to redo school. I would've taken that path. That's the most doable plan I would've taken.

The insane plan that I would've taken is...
Going to a two year get some sort of certification (like real estate is 1 years worth of classes) and to be a CNA is a couple of months I think. That way I'd have a chance of getting more money when I went to take a year off to work save up money from that AND then dove into school for four years.

18-graduate high school

19-20 - take an a courses where I would be certified for a real job

20-21 - work for a year in that real job

21-25 - go to college

and I also say this because people respect age, the older but not to old that you are the more likely you'll be hired for something. They'll respect that you've been working and that you're experienced rather than someone who just got out of college.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Supernatural Season 4 Starts September

Supernatural - The season is starting September 18th.

Heroes returns September 22nd

Chuck starts September 29th -geez

Gossip Girl starts September 1st

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Off Topic: Enterprise Spoof by Lauren

Pic from

Enterprise Spoof

"Captain's Log oh wait that's right. Stardates don't exist yet. Well anyway, April 22, 2153. I had a meeting with Vulcan's this morning. I expect things to go smoothly. My science officer/sub-commander T'Pol believes it's a waste of time to ask what I'm asking for. But I think I have a fool proof plan."

Captain Archer is sitting at a meeting with Trip and T'Pol across from them are three Vulcan representatives. "No." The Vulcan man in the middle calmly said. T'Pol looked embarrassed and Trip looked amused. Captain Archer furrowed his brow he slammed his foot on the ground as he whined. "But why?" The Vulcan man in the middle spoke again, "Because we said so. We told the humans when we made first contact that we would help you in your advances." Archer folded his arms. "You'd be helping us if you'd just tell us how to make our ships faster than warp 5." The Vulcan leader spoke again, "Is this the only reason why you've called us here?" Archer ignored the question. "C'mon you have to tell us. All the other starship captains are laughing at us!" The Vulcan leader got up and the other two followed. "Don't call us again."

Captain Archer was sad to see the Vulcan's go he held T'Pol and Trip in the meeting room for another hour complaining about how unfair they were for not giving them the technology. "Can we go now?" Trip said as soon as Archer took a breath. "We'll T'Pol you can go. Trip I need to talk to you for a little while longer." T'Pol jumped up and ran out of the room. "What's on your mind Captain'" Archer seemed confused by the question and laughed a little. "You know." Trip looked confused. "I know what?" Archer sat down next to Trip. "This is our time to be alone and talk to each other about the things that are on our mind." Archer smiled at Trip. Trip felt uncomfortable. "I don't remember us doing that." Trip tried to find away to get back to the ship's engines. "Sure we do. Every episode we have a talk. Whether it's when we're under attack in the dessert, or being attacked by the spider web version of the blob, or even that time you didn't want me to help that man find his son. Boy, you were really pissed that day. But the point is, we talk about it Trip. And I appreciate that. I can't talk to T'Pol the same way I can talk to you." Trip stared at Archer for a moment. "Did you hear that?" Trip jumped up. Archer looked around "Hear what?" Trip was out the door already he shouted back. "I think the engines are failing. I've got to go check it out!" Trip ran down the hall as fast as he could.

Mayweather and Hoshi were having a meal together and they were trying to have a private discussion. "It's true Hoshi." Hoshi looked at Mayweather very skeptically. "I think it's in your head. I'm the one with the problems." Trip rushed over sat down and he put his head down. "Hey, Trip. I thought you'd be with the Captain." Trip looked up. "Now why would you say that. Why wouldn't you think that I'd be with T'Pol or in the engine room? Or hell in sick bay?" Hoshi looked at Mayweather and smiled. "Because about 80% of the time you're with the Captain. What do you guys talk about all of the time?" Hoshi leaned in. "Hey I have an idea. How about you two tell me what you're talking about." Trip said with a big smile. Mayweather and Hoshi snickered for a second. "Well, we were discussing which one of us has the most problems." Trip frowned. "What?" Mayweather cut in. "You haven't noticed? The only people who ever save the day is you, the captain, Lt. Reed, the doctor, or T'Pol. It's hardly ever us." Trip shrugged his shoulders. "No I didn't notice." Mayweather fussed with his food. "I mean I'm always in trouble." Hoshi's face faltered. "Prove it." Mayweather pulled up a website on the screen. "It's right here on wikipedia: Over the course of the series, Mayweather has been injured, incapacitated, or even "killed" more times than any other character in the primary cast." explain that Hoshi. Hoshi looked at the web site then at Mayweather, "You're going to get your facts from wikipedia?" she made a smarty-pants face. Trip sighed. "You both suck." Trip chimed in. "No one's had the heart to tell you that, but you both do." Hoshi scoffed. "What? How do I suck?" Trip sighed. "Really Hoshi? Are we forgetting the time we were sick and you were babbling in like 40 languages while you trying to open the air lock and kill the both of us? And you..." Trip turned to Mayweather "You were supposed to be guiding US through those caves but what happens mid-way through you break your ankle." The table was quiet for a moment. "At least I don't spend half of my time with the Captain." Mayweather said in a low voice. "That's it." Trip got up and left.

Trip walking down the hall trying to get to his room until he bummed into T'Pol. "Hey T'Pol, sorry about that. Where are you headed?" T'Pol looked at Trip without emotion. "I am on my way to my quarters where I will continue to deny all of my emotions."

Suddenly the crew got a message from another ship everyone rushed to the bridge. "We're being hailed." Hoshi announced. "Gee, is that what that beeping sound was, Hoshi? Put them through." Archer snapped at Hoshi. "Hello, my name is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise. We are from the future. My first officer convinced me that it would be a fun time for us to travel back in time to make fun of all of you. We'll beam ourselves aboard." Jean-Luc ended the transmission. Everyone on the bridge looked confused.

After being beamed aboard the TNG crew had various laughs at Enterprise's expense. Geordi couldn't stop laughing at their transporter. "Wait, you mean to tell me that's how far it reaches?" Geordi laughed so hard he couldn't control it. Captain Archer, T'Pol and Trip followed Picard and Riker down the hall. "What warp does your ship go to?" Archer shouted. "What do you mean?" Picard looked at Riker. "All of them?" he shrugged his shoulders. Archer shouted a "Yes! How far in the future are you from?" Picard was in the dining hall looking around. "We're from 2366." Archer looked shocked. "What?" Picard looked at him. "Oh yes. By the time Enterprise would've reached maximum warp you'd be very dead, my fellow Captain." Archer frowned. "Not fair."

Picard giving up finally asks. “Where is your replicator?” Archer looked around at his crew. “Our what?” Riker started to snicker. “You’re replicator.” Picard paused and then started talking to them very slowly. “How do you get your food?” Riker tapped Picard on the shoulder. “I think they cook it.” Picard looked shocked. “What?” Archer sighed. “Okay, that’s enough.” Picard cut him off. “Wait a second…what warp does your ship go to?” Archer looked around very uncomfortably before mumbling. “Five.” Picard leaned forward. “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you. I didn’t get that.” Archer stood up straight. “Five. We go to warp five.” Trip in the background could be heard saying “Barely.” Archer shushed him but it was too late. Riker and Picard were besides themselves with laughter. The intercom systems beeped. “Will. “ It was Deanna Troi. Riker stopped laughing. “Um…uh yes.” He said finally confident. “I know you wanted to cheer the Captain up because he used to be a Borg, but now it’s time to come back home.” Riker looked around embarrassed. “Sure, honey. We’re on our way.” Picard was making fun of Riker by making whipping noises. “Hey man. Shut up. At least I have a girl.” Picard stopped laughing. “Hey… watch it. I had…I had a girlfriend.” Riker leaned forward. “Who Jean Grey?” Picard looked at Riker in shock. “No, her name was Kamala.” Riker put his hand on Picard’s shoulder. “Who cares what her name is at the end of your relationship you had to help in the ceremony to get her married to another guy. So I still have the girl and you don’t.” Picard looked mad. “Well, I’m still Captain. Try that on. And anyway if I wanted I could take Deanna away from you if I wanted.” Riker laughed. “Sure. Well this trip to the past has been funny and extremely depressing. Let’s go back home. We have to go to the bridge first.” Picard, Riker and Geordi had one long good laugh at the ships bridge before finally leaving. Archer stopped them before they were beamed up. “Captain Picard. What is a Borg?” The three looked at each other very seriously trying not to break into laughter before they were transported.

“Well, that was unsettling.” T’Pol said to no one in particular. “Trip. I want to see you in my office about this.” Hoshi and Mayweather started snickering. “Uh, sorry Cap’n I need too…uh…give T’Pol a back massage. “

Off Topic: Dr. Who The Stolen Earth and Journey's End

Image from torchwood06

This contains spoilers for The Stolen Earth and Journey's End

Wow! I mean it. I think Supernatural fans would really like Doctor Who. But you would HAVE to start at the beginning.

Well, at any rate these last two episodes were (as the doctor would say) brilliant! I want David Tennat to be the doctor forever so I gasped when I thought he was regenerating but he didn't. It was masterfully put together and really my dad said it and I agreed these two episodes could've EASILY been a movie. A very awesome movie.

I love Dr. Who. This show makes me want to start saying "oy!" but I live in the states and there's no way ever to fit that into any conversation over here.

I'll make some icons later.

So awesome, Mickey's going to join Torchwood. Whoo. I like what Mickey has grown into he's not a wimp.

I have pangs of irritation when it comes to the Doctor clone. Dad doesn't like him because he says you just simply can't have two doctors. I'm annoyed because he runs off with Rose. And I'm like ew. I mean he was literally born yesterday so what is he like 1? Or is he 903 years old, or is he in his 40s? Any one you choose he'll be old for Rose. And I know, I know the age thing is old school. But I think it's a rule I don't care what form the doctor is in, no doctor companion love.

Like really picture it, the doctor and Rose getting it on. oh gosh. I think Russell is channelling that Diary of a Call Girl show, a tad too much there.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Supernatural Random

What in the world is he doing there?
Oh my gosh, he's having a party with dead folks.

Pic from: TV Chit Chat

Pic from

Sam just got SHOT. Why is he carrying the shovel?
While Dean carrys a bag that looks like there's nothing in it.

Off Topic: Federation Convention USA

The second week of June I attended a Federation Convention, USA chapter. The first and last ever. I went to promote my dad's book Escape 2 Earth, but we had a horrible time with the organizers. Because nothing was organized. I must've called Tim four or five times since we landed on Thursday and the madness continued into Friday. I understand that he was sick, but pass the torch to someone competent.

They refunded everyone's money but there's no way to refund our flight from PA to TX or to refund the hotel rooms. Not to mention the promotional materials we brought for the fans. This was our first convention. The convention was cancelled after one day.

First of all, I want to say all of the other guests were professional and outstanding. My dad enjoyed meeting all of you.

John Billingsley (I look forward to seeing you on 24 next season)

Bonita Friedericy (I look forward to seeing you more on Chuck and future projects)

Menina Fortunato (Thanks for stopping by to say hello)

But the big thanks goes to Lindsey McKeon and the Cole and Tim of Vadercast.

Mainly because I knew her from the IMTOD, Supernatural episode and I'm a big Supernatural fan. So just think your at this convention to help promote your dad's book Escape 2 Earth and then you find out everything is over. You took off of work and flew out here for nothing. I mean we got a couple of sales that Friday but Saturday is the big day it wasn't even 12:00 yet and you find out it's all over.

I'm darn near hysterical (not really but I was close to crying). And I got her autograph. It was very sweet of her and I doubt if she'll remember me tomorrow but it was very nice of her to not only sign an autograph for me but to also take a picture with me so that made the day better. So instead of all bad, it was half bad.

I hope to meet all of these people again one day. Prefferably at a better managed convention.

If I feel like it I'll post the picture.

Now the Vadercast folks I also ran into in my state of crazy woman panic while they were announcing the cancellation. I met Cole who introduced my dad to Tim and the two later on interviewed my dad about his book soon to be books. Escape 2 Earth. Return 2 Earth is coming real soon.

Big miss. I missed meeting Conner Trinneer. Darn! He was only there on Saturday at the same time that we were and SO MANY people signed up to get his autograph. So I missed meeting him. One day, Conner, one day.

Supernatural Videos

Here's the list of Supernatural Videos I've made

Sam Get's Dean Back

Down On Love

Somebody's Watching Me

Gender Studies

Cold As Ice

Why do people read spoilers?

I'm watching a re-run of Supernatural a couple of weeks ago and the CW started posting spoilers at the bottom of the screen!

I immediately freaked out and looked away. Of course my dad's suspicions that I'm absolutely crazy were confirmed until I explained to him what I was upset about and I'm pretty sure he still thinks I'm crazy.

But that upset me. Really CW, putting spoilers on tv is not chill! I avoid spoilers like the plague. I hate spoilers. One time I spoiled myself for Roswell. I found out that Alex was going to die and I NEVER read a spoiler EVER again. It's horrible.

I want to be completely shocked this season. Shocked in a good way. Kim, Eric and Sera be good.

Escape 2 Earth: The movie? Starring Jensen Ackles and John Billingsley???

My dad is an author he wrote the science fiction novel Escape 2 Earth. He made my day when she said that Jensen Ackles would make a great Matt - one of the very main characters.

And he also thinks that John Billingsley would make a great president. I think he would too.

I would LOVE that!

Now where would Jared fit in???

The New Girl: My Supernatural Season 4 Vow

So after hearing the news about the new girl a swirl of thoughts came to mind. Shortly after the those thoughts came to mind fear was not to far behind.

What kind of character will the new girl be? I know she's going to be Sam's girlfriend, and gosh does he need one. But did she arrive after Dean comes back? Does she arrive before Dean comes back? Is she evil? Is she not who she seems to be? Will I like her and then will Eric and co. kill her? Will any of this be good to the show???

And then I realized, all this speculation will not only ruin my summer, but my social life - the small life that it is. So I am taking a vow that I think all Supernatural fans should take:

My Supernatural Vow

I, Lauren one of the biggest Supernatural fans, vow not to hate the new girl before she has her episode debut. I promise not to prejudge her and be as objective as I possibly could.

Now onto her info: Supernatural Catches Wildfire Beauty

Hmm, maybe losing one's sibling to the eternal fires of Hades ain't the absolute worst thing in the world? I mean, just look at the sympathy cuddling! Wildfire spitfire Genevieve Cortese has been cast on the CW's Supernatural in the role of Kristy, a small-town waitress who gets romantically involved with Jared Padalecki's Sam sometime after the brooder's brother Dean's death.Thus far, Cortese is slated to at least appear in the Season 4 premiere, airing Sept. 18. — Matt Mitovich

she's very pretty

Ahhhhhhh. Trying so hard not to prejudge. I'm sure she'll be a wonderful addition. I think. I hope.

Why I Love This Show

I love this show. There's no other show like it. That's why I liked Roswell, and then they tried to make it like the other shows and then it got cancelled. But I digress, Supernatural is so freaking unpredictable.

I like the fact that they chase urban legends, maybe it's true maybe it's not type of thing. I love that - we need to get back to that. They're are some episodes that I see that I'm like I'm sure I just KNOW what's going to happen - like I do when I watch Heroes. But this show I'll tell you Bloody Mary was the first episode where I was like, where is this going? And it was eerie how Sam was seeing Jess and dreaming about her - freaky.

Then Nightmare, and I'm like whoa kids with powers (I'm so there!). But then the guy killed himself and I'm like hmmm, didn't see that coming. I figured he was going to be the evil guy of the year. But then he...killed himself. I got thrown off my game again in In My Time of Dying, and they totally killed John. I wouldn't eat for weeks. Okay, that's not true, but I was not happy.

It's really upsetting if you think about it, these guys spend a year looking for their dad and he was fine up until the time that they find him.

I felt like John's friends being killed everywhere was pretty much a running gag, so that didn't shock me. What shocked me was burning up the Roadhouse, killing Ash and Andy - the hell guys? Fine. I got over that faster than John dying.

The next time I was suprised was No Rest for the Wicked. I shake my head when I think about that episode.

My mother loves the show too, she's the one who got me to watch it.

No Rest for the Wicked: It took my 2 weeks to write this I was so upset

Eric, Sera, Kim and company this is an awesome show. The fact that I'm taking the time to write this is reason enough. You do an excellent job of keeping me entertained, captivated and being asses. Yes, I said you guys are asses, good asses but asses nontheless. I mean, I can't believe you've actually killed him. Now I've got to spend the WHOLE SUMMER waiting for the season 3 dvd, AND waiting for Dean to come back. I don't know how you're going to do it, and I don't, this show is unpredictable and I love that. It's 9:30 Thursday night and I'm still in denial "They're not going to kill him. He'll be saved." 9:50, I'm like, no, no this isn't right. This isn't right at all.
I normally don't curse, but that night I was cussing you guys out like a sailor.
I'm still in shock. I really can't believe that you really killed him. Sam's all by himself now, again. He still remembers the 3 months from Mystery Spot don't think I forgot.

You guys want to jerk me around, that's fine! Good tv, but we better start getting answers here's your season 4 checklist:
1. What is up with Mary?
2. JDM flashback is something we have to have. He's awesome and his voice is just not enough.
3. Clarify the rules of the Colt please. Or are we mass producing them now?
4. Rich hunters. Bela mentioned them, the boys never meet them. Think on that.
5. Sam's powers: I'm in no rush for him to be evil, but the YED said there were other generations.
6. Are they always going to be driving around? They should at least have an apartment or something for a little while.
7. Fix the filter, please. Please. Krip, if you screw with the filter again, I'll break your fingers. (No I won't it's just something I say.)
8. More urban legends. More, damn it!

Well, that's my list of demands. You guys are jerks. Edge of my seat jerks. I'm happy and I'm annoyed. I haven't been this confused and angry since the season finale of Desperate Housewives, but that was a bad confused and angry.
Anyway the seasons so far have been great. Except for Bela and Jo. I just you know how I feel about them. And thanks for my missing organs episode, I've only been asking for it since I first started watching which was mid-season 2.

If you ever had a contest of where your accepting scripts or walk on roles. I'll be there in a hot second!

I better get started on my own story. I'm inspired to piss fans off but at the same time keep them captivated.

Why I Hate Bela: Don't worry the inner fangirl is in check

Even though it warms my silly little heart to see the names Jensen and Lauren together (think about it long enough and it'll come to you). I can't stand by and not have my two cents as to why

I dislike Bela.

So Sorry Bela fans but I'm not going to give you the standard stupid reasons why I hate Bela.

Like: she shot Sam, or I hate her voice, or her overbite, or her hair or she flirts with Dean. Although those reasons do add to the irritation.I hate Bela because she was clearly thrown in there. Bad Day at Black RockThat should of been the first and last time we see Bela. Fine I'll give you one more episode for her, but that should of been it.What is she?Is she a mercenary/theif or a con-artist because the next time we see her she's scammin old ladies. I know, I know who wants a character to have just one agenda because that'll make her one-dimentional. But come on! The boys have been hunting for their lives and they've never met or heard about anyone like her?

The Inconsistency: You can't in one episode not care if Sam dies shoot the man and then work together in the next episode we see her. Knowing what kind of person she is and her motives the boys still work together with her and are all "Oh, oh my God I'm so shocked she stole from us!" When the hand is stolen from them? She shot Sam why are you working with her in the first place? John would've never let them do something like that.

She's Useless: What in the world was the point of her being in Fresh Blood? Did Gordon really need her to find Sam and Dean? He found them before. Yes, yes, Roadhouse connections - no more Roadhouse. But Gordon said before "You know how hunters like to talk." He could of found them another way.
Then the phone call where she's all don't kill me.
A) Do you really think Dean was going to kill Bela? and
B) The info she gave wasn't very helpful. You could've taken that scene out of the episode and the show still would of went on without skipping a beat.ObviousnessNow we're supposed to care about her, after we've been conditioned to hate her. Ohhh, Bela who'd you kill? Here's why it'll be cliche and predictable. Her father was probably a hunter.

(She's obviously has issues with hunters.) She probably had to off her dad in a mercy killing type thing. You watch. I'll eat a brussel sprout if it's nothing like I just said. And boy do I hate those things. And you watch, the "mojo bag" that's so precious that Gordon is walking around with it out in the open on his waist. Will play a major part in her becoming a good character and helping the boys out. Which will also annoy me to no end.And oh yea, she freaking shot Sam.

You can't justify that. It's not okay to shoot people, ever! I don't care if you barely grazed him or not. What the hell is wrong with her? (I know she's not real. I feel like I have to say that because people are crazy and might believe this show and the characters are real.)

I'm all for new characters. Ensemble cast? Heh, no. We have enough of those, I'm getting tired of it. We don't need a show with ten or more characters, that's annoying. Supernatural is about the brothers to me, the story is too character driven for new people to be thrown in this carelessly.
Sorry if I've hurt anyone's feelings. Though I doubt that seriously, lol!

Time Is On My Side

So I was wrong about her father being a hunter. I didn't see rapist coming. I eventually saw the demon deal coming, but that was dumb too. You have a year left to live and you spend it as if it were any other year? You wait about three months before your deal is up to set things straight? Yea, ok. Oh, gosh. Bela annoyed me. I was all she JUST tried to kill Sam and Dean and now she's on the phone crying for their help. Yes, I feel bad that you were abused as a child but not everyone grows up to be a jerk like she is stealing from people and shooting sexy Sam!
I don't want to see Bela anymore or hear about her anymore. I never thought I'd almost miss Jo. But her poor flirting skills were insufferable, not the actresses' fault. Maybe Jo reminded me too much of myself, oh boy. Time to go.

I don't mean Lauren Cohan any ill will or any harm. Actually I think she's a really good actress. If she's in an upcoming movie or show I'd watch it because I enjoy watching her perform. I just want her off of Supernatural. I love this show.

Why Dream A Little Dream of Me is the Best episode of Season 3

This show is almost entirely character driven. So to have an episode that digs deeper into two characters in this way was entertaining. Not to mention what the deal with Sam is. That was more outward than inward dialogue. It's not what's being said about Sam that's making the gears in my mind turn. But lets begin at the beginning.

Bobby -- who is freakin' awesome. We find out how he got into hunting. His wife, I always guessed it was his wife, or a child. But wife came to mind first. This makes me think about how he and John became friends. The two of them lost their wives to evil. We finally hear Dean say that he thinks of Bobby as a father, and I don't think anyone else thought otherwise, but I don't think Bobby realized it. I don't think he sees Sam and Dean as his sons but I guess now he does.

This in conjuncture with what happens to Dean later on is important to this episode.
Dean -- everyone on God's blue Earth knows that Dean resents his father and is jealous of Sam. I don't blame the guy, but living with that, coping and then moving on is what Dean needs to do, but how? How do you break from the only life you've known how to live? It's not simple to just quit. It's more complex. Dean doesn't care if he lived or died, because John didn't. Not until he had to face it back during IMTOD. It was all peachy when Dean was dying in Faith, but John wasn't around, he didn't have to face Dean or Sam let alone accept responsibility. And to Dean, John gave up pretty easily making the deal with the demon for Dean. Dean was still carrying that guilt around for his father, and now the same happend for Sam. IMO Bobby showed more emotion for what Dean did for Sam (making the deal) than I think John would've if John were around to see what Dean did.

The whole scene was chilling. Dean talking to himself. Jensen Ackles is a wonderful actor. It was very creepy to watch. Dean beat himself and the later shoot himself and then the whole "You're gonna die!" I'm like "Oh God!" But it was awsome. The way the episode was shot especially the dreams was excellent. And at the end when demon Dean snaps his fingers --haunting. Very haunting.

Sam -- now here's the more subtle enchilada. Sam's going to turn evil, no bones about it. As a writer you don't do this much set up and character worry over something that's not going to happen. It's subtle but Sam's turning evil. You saw how he shot up Jake in AHBL2, and you saw how he wasted Gordon, and you saw how he iced Casey and the priest. And I know what you're going to say. But Lauren, those were all evil people/demons. Alright what about DALDOM? Yes, this guy was homicidal, but Sam whomped on the guy with a bat! Sure he would've killed Dean, but Sam didn't give the guy the chance to work up to getting close to Dean. Remember when the guy was beating Sam when he was tied to the ground. Sam looked a little like he enjoyed it. Well, not enjoyed it but he was feeding off of it to use his powers later.
Sam drinking at 2 in the afternoon - evil.

Sam and Bela -- first I was enraged and was all, what the hell is this sh*t. The producers just wanted Lauren Cohan in a nightie, WHATEVER! But then I calmed down and told me inner fangirl to shut up, and that even if I did meet Jared or Jensen there's no way they'd run off with me anyway, so what am I getting mad about? Then I thought about it more. Sam did think Bela was hot when he first met her, when he thought she was a waitress. But yea, she did shoot him! Sam is turning evil because that's that whole masochist, I like pain S and M crap. Being shot by Bela probably turned Sam on, which is not like Sam which means Sam is evil. Sam's evil - the end. After Sam saves Dean. Dean'll have to save Sam, because there's no way he's going to kill him.

I missed Azazel. We hardley knew thee.

I feel like I need to address Bela since I have another page saying that I hate her. She was okay in this episode because she was marginalized. She was also okay because Dean was acting like himself. Sam wasn't but that's because he hadn't had any in awhile and he's turning evil so that's his deal. It wasn't an episode that centered around Bela or had Bela in it for no reason. She brought the plant, stole the gun, and stayed the fuck out of everyone's way.
Sam might kill Bela. I think he gets off on killing. They've mentioned it twice in the show. I think he gets a rush from killing. Sam's getting creepy. I'm starting to love him more though - I know it's sick.

Damnit Kripke and Sera - you guys are jerks. Call me.

Why a lot is posted all in one day

I started this as from time to time rants on my web site Supernatural I found out about this blogger thing and decided hey! I should blog my thoughts instead of making a web site everytime I have something to say.

I'll start importing the web sites to the blog today.

Check it out. And if you want send me your supernatural links if not listed. I'm so jazzed for the season 3 boxset I have it on pre-order and I'm super excited for Season 4. Oh god! Oh! I can post my videos here too! Groovy.