Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jensen's Girlfriend

I wish people would stop jerring everytime her name is brought up. I'll come right out and say it, I'm jealous of Danneel Harris. There it's out there, I'm woman enough to say it, let's move on.

It's disrespectful to do that. Would you do that to a friend of yours? I don't like my brother's girlfriend but I'm not going to boo everytime she walks into the room.

I mean I do, but it's in my head. Like boo, go away golddigger. Well, my brother has no money so she more of a dollar digger.

She hasn't doen anything, that I know of to deserve that and I'd really like for people to stop calling Jensen's fans crazy. It's starting to have a negative conotation to the word fan, if his fans are booing his girlfriend.

Oh, it just makes me mad when fans act crazy. Don't do things to him or her for that matter that you wouldn't do to normal people, because guess what, they're normal people!

I'm done now. Having said all of that, I'm going to resume my plan to find out what makes her so special, copy it and find a man like Jensen all on my own. And then I'LL get to go to Belize and have fun!

Well maybe not Belize, I'd like to go Tokyo or somewhere like that.

But it'll be with my Jensen-like boyfriend.

The last part was a joke but the first part I'm serious - chill out with the crazy fan nonsense.

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