Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are Genevieve Cortese and Jared Padalecki Dating?

Who cares?

Who flipping cares?

It's not like she's competition or something like that. It's not like Jared is going to be in your hometown one day see you from afar and fall madly in love with you but decides not to go out with you because he's dating someone else.

No, it's not going to happen!

Just, leave Jared alone! LOL! That's a joke. I'm just saying I don't want Jared and Jensen to move to France just to get away from crazy fans. Everyone just chill.

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weltea said...

The people that care probably just care because they don't know Genevieve and her personality.They just know her as Ruby so all they see is a nice body,a weird face and a total lack of acting skills but not the actual person.