Sunday, August 17, 2008

Supernatural Portal Updates

So, I applied to be an affiliate with I hope they take me. I'm really nervous because they only take high quality sites. I hope my site is high quality.

I update often.

It's got pretty pictures.

It's orderly.

Isn't that good enough? I won't be mad if they don't add me. It's ok. We all still love Supernatural. It's all good.

I'm going to change it soon anyway so...I don't know

I'm upset that all these sites aren't around anymore but I was glad to see that some sites have brought .org or .coms so that's REALLY awesome

I'll list them later I'm still working on the web site now. I just got sidetracked.

I have the best job right now. I sit here at the desk and answer the phone. And inbetween that time I write/do homework/ and continue my Supernatural Love! <----is that a web site name yet. It should be. I'm so hyped for the new season only a month away! Oh my God! Small spoiler highlight to see: Bobby is in the first ep of the new season.

I'll be back with the updates

I'm back....



is now

Unexplained: A Source For Everything Supernatural

is now supernatural


I'm sorry did some sort of plague happen that I am unaware of or is the recession so bad that people have to take extra jobs and save money where they can so that we can't enjoy our Supernatural Obsession <----is that the name of a web site yet? Because that's a good one too.

I did like these web sites, why aren't they around anymore.

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