Friday, August 1, 2008

Why I Hate Bela: Don't worry the inner fangirl is in check

Even though it warms my silly little heart to see the names Jensen and Lauren together (think about it long enough and it'll come to you). I can't stand by and not have my two cents as to why

I dislike Bela.

So Sorry Bela fans but I'm not going to give you the standard stupid reasons why I hate Bela.

Like: she shot Sam, or I hate her voice, or her overbite, or her hair or she flirts with Dean. Although those reasons do add to the irritation.I hate Bela because she was clearly thrown in there. Bad Day at Black RockThat should of been the first and last time we see Bela. Fine I'll give you one more episode for her, but that should of been it.What is she?Is she a mercenary/theif or a con-artist because the next time we see her she's scammin old ladies. I know, I know who wants a character to have just one agenda because that'll make her one-dimentional. But come on! The boys have been hunting for their lives and they've never met or heard about anyone like her?

The Inconsistency: You can't in one episode not care if Sam dies shoot the man and then work together in the next episode we see her. Knowing what kind of person she is and her motives the boys still work together with her and are all "Oh, oh my God I'm so shocked she stole from us!" When the hand is stolen from them? She shot Sam why are you working with her in the first place? John would've never let them do something like that.

She's Useless: What in the world was the point of her being in Fresh Blood? Did Gordon really need her to find Sam and Dean? He found them before. Yes, yes, Roadhouse connections - no more Roadhouse. But Gordon said before "You know how hunters like to talk." He could of found them another way.
Then the phone call where she's all don't kill me.
A) Do you really think Dean was going to kill Bela? and
B) The info she gave wasn't very helpful. You could've taken that scene out of the episode and the show still would of went on without skipping a beat.ObviousnessNow we're supposed to care about her, after we've been conditioned to hate her. Ohhh, Bela who'd you kill? Here's why it'll be cliche and predictable. Her father was probably a hunter.

(She's obviously has issues with hunters.) She probably had to off her dad in a mercy killing type thing. You watch. I'll eat a brussel sprout if it's nothing like I just said. And boy do I hate those things. And you watch, the "mojo bag" that's so precious that Gordon is walking around with it out in the open on his waist. Will play a major part in her becoming a good character and helping the boys out. Which will also annoy me to no end.And oh yea, she freaking shot Sam.

You can't justify that. It's not okay to shoot people, ever! I don't care if you barely grazed him or not. What the hell is wrong with her? (I know she's not real. I feel like I have to say that because people are crazy and might believe this show and the characters are real.)

I'm all for new characters. Ensemble cast? Heh, no. We have enough of those, I'm getting tired of it. We don't need a show with ten or more characters, that's annoying. Supernatural is about the brothers to me, the story is too character driven for new people to be thrown in this carelessly.
Sorry if I've hurt anyone's feelings. Though I doubt that seriously, lol!

Time Is On My Side

So I was wrong about her father being a hunter. I didn't see rapist coming. I eventually saw the demon deal coming, but that was dumb too. You have a year left to live and you spend it as if it were any other year? You wait about three months before your deal is up to set things straight? Yea, ok. Oh, gosh. Bela annoyed me. I was all she JUST tried to kill Sam and Dean and now she's on the phone crying for their help. Yes, I feel bad that you were abused as a child but not everyone grows up to be a jerk like she is stealing from people and shooting sexy Sam!
I don't want to see Bela anymore or hear about her anymore. I never thought I'd almost miss Jo. But her poor flirting skills were insufferable, not the actresses' fault. Maybe Jo reminded me too much of myself, oh boy. Time to go.

I don't mean Lauren Cohan any ill will or any harm. Actually I think she's a really good actress. If she's in an upcoming movie or show I'd watch it because I enjoy watching her perform. I just want her off of Supernatural. I love this show.

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