Friday, August 1, 2008

No Rest for the Wicked: It took my 2 weeks to write this I was so upset

Eric, Sera, Kim and company this is an awesome show. The fact that I'm taking the time to write this is reason enough. You do an excellent job of keeping me entertained, captivated and being asses. Yes, I said you guys are asses, good asses but asses nontheless. I mean, I can't believe you've actually killed him. Now I've got to spend the WHOLE SUMMER waiting for the season 3 dvd, AND waiting for Dean to come back. I don't know how you're going to do it, and I don't, this show is unpredictable and I love that. It's 9:30 Thursday night and I'm still in denial "They're not going to kill him. He'll be saved." 9:50, I'm like, no, no this isn't right. This isn't right at all.
I normally don't curse, but that night I was cussing you guys out like a sailor.
I'm still in shock. I really can't believe that you really killed him. Sam's all by himself now, again. He still remembers the 3 months from Mystery Spot don't think I forgot.

You guys want to jerk me around, that's fine! Good tv, but we better start getting answers here's your season 4 checklist:
1. What is up with Mary?
2. JDM flashback is something we have to have. He's awesome and his voice is just not enough.
3. Clarify the rules of the Colt please. Or are we mass producing them now?
4. Rich hunters. Bela mentioned them, the boys never meet them. Think on that.
5. Sam's powers: I'm in no rush for him to be evil, but the YED said there were other generations.
6. Are they always going to be driving around? They should at least have an apartment or something for a little while.
7. Fix the filter, please. Please. Krip, if you screw with the filter again, I'll break your fingers. (No I won't it's just something I say.)
8. More urban legends. More, damn it!

Well, that's my list of demands. You guys are jerks. Edge of my seat jerks. I'm happy and I'm annoyed. I haven't been this confused and angry since the season finale of Desperate Housewives, but that was a bad confused and angry.
Anyway the seasons so far have been great. Except for Bela and Jo. I just you know how I feel about them. And thanks for my missing organs episode, I've only been asking for it since I first started watching which was mid-season 2.

If you ever had a contest of where your accepting scripts or walk on roles. I'll be there in a hot second!

I better get started on my own story. I'm inspired to piss fans off but at the same time keep them captivated.

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