Friday, August 1, 2008

Off Topic: Federation Convention USA

The second week of June I attended a Federation Convention, USA chapter. The first and last ever. I went to promote my dad's book Escape 2 Earth, but we had a horrible time with the organizers. Because nothing was organized. I must've called Tim four or five times since we landed on Thursday and the madness continued into Friday. I understand that he was sick, but pass the torch to someone competent.

They refunded everyone's money but there's no way to refund our flight from PA to TX or to refund the hotel rooms. Not to mention the promotional materials we brought for the fans. This was our first convention. The convention was cancelled after one day.

First of all, I want to say all of the other guests were professional and outstanding. My dad enjoyed meeting all of you.

John Billingsley (I look forward to seeing you on 24 next season)

Bonita Friedericy (I look forward to seeing you more on Chuck and future projects)

Menina Fortunato (Thanks for stopping by to say hello)

But the big thanks goes to Lindsey McKeon and the Cole and Tim of Vadercast.

Mainly because I knew her from the IMTOD, Supernatural episode and I'm a big Supernatural fan. So just think your at this convention to help promote your dad's book Escape 2 Earth and then you find out everything is over. You took off of work and flew out here for nothing. I mean we got a couple of sales that Friday but Saturday is the big day it wasn't even 12:00 yet and you find out it's all over.

I'm darn near hysterical (not really but I was close to crying). And I got her autograph. It was very sweet of her and I doubt if she'll remember me tomorrow but it was very nice of her to not only sign an autograph for me but to also take a picture with me so that made the day better. So instead of all bad, it was half bad.

I hope to meet all of these people again one day. Prefferably at a better managed convention.

If I feel like it I'll post the picture.

Now the Vadercast folks I also ran into in my state of crazy woman panic while they were announcing the cancellation. I met Cole who introduced my dad to Tim and the two later on interviewed my dad about his book soon to be books. Escape 2 Earth. Return 2 Earth is coming real soon.

Big miss. I missed meeting Conner Trinneer. Darn! He was only there on Saturday at the same time that we were and SO MANY people signed up to get his autograph. So I missed meeting him. One day, Conner, one day.

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