Saturday, August 2, 2008

Off Topic: Dr. Who The Stolen Earth and Journey's End

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This contains spoilers for The Stolen Earth and Journey's End

Wow! I mean it. I think Supernatural fans would really like Doctor Who. But you would HAVE to start at the beginning.

Well, at any rate these last two episodes were (as the doctor would say) brilliant! I want David Tennat to be the doctor forever so I gasped when I thought he was regenerating but he didn't. It was masterfully put together and really my dad said it and I agreed these two episodes could've EASILY been a movie. A very awesome movie.

I love Dr. Who. This show makes me want to start saying "oy!" but I live in the states and there's no way ever to fit that into any conversation over here.

I'll make some icons later.

So awesome, Mickey's going to join Torchwood. Whoo. I like what Mickey has grown into he's not a wimp.

I have pangs of irritation when it comes to the Doctor clone. Dad doesn't like him because he says you just simply can't have two doctors. I'm annoyed because he runs off with Rose. And I'm like ew. I mean he was literally born yesterday so what is he like 1? Or is he 903 years old, or is he in his 40s? Any one you choose he'll be old for Rose. And I know, I know the age thing is old school. But I think it's a rule I don't care what form the doctor is in, no doctor companion love.

Like really picture it, the doctor and Rose getting it on. oh gosh. I think Russell is channelling that Diary of a Call Girl show, a tad too much there.

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