Friday, August 1, 2008

Why I Love This Show

I love this show. There's no other show like it. That's why I liked Roswell, and then they tried to make it like the other shows and then it got cancelled. But I digress, Supernatural is so freaking unpredictable.

I like the fact that they chase urban legends, maybe it's true maybe it's not type of thing. I love that - we need to get back to that. They're are some episodes that I see that I'm like I'm sure I just KNOW what's going to happen - like I do when I watch Heroes. But this show I'll tell you Bloody Mary was the first episode where I was like, where is this going? And it was eerie how Sam was seeing Jess and dreaming about her - freaky.

Then Nightmare, and I'm like whoa kids with powers (I'm so there!). But then the guy killed himself and I'm like hmmm, didn't see that coming. I figured he was going to be the evil guy of the year. But then he...killed himself. I got thrown off my game again in In My Time of Dying, and they totally killed John. I wouldn't eat for weeks. Okay, that's not true, but I was not happy.

It's really upsetting if you think about it, these guys spend a year looking for their dad and he was fine up until the time that they find him.

I felt like John's friends being killed everywhere was pretty much a running gag, so that didn't shock me. What shocked me was burning up the Roadhouse, killing Ash and Andy - the hell guys? Fine. I got over that faster than John dying.

The next time I was suprised was No Rest for the Wicked. I shake my head when I think about that episode.

My mother loves the show too, she's the one who got me to watch it.

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