Sunday, August 17, 2008

Off Topic: Devor is an AWFUL movie part 2

I read this interview it's a short blurb:

I'll start off by saying. OF COURSE hindsight is 50/50 but why in the world would you start a movie and then start re-writing it in the middle.

I feel bad for everyone involved. That's false advertising. Do you think Keanu Reeves would've signed up for The Matrix if the movie ended with Neo dying in the end? No, I mean dying and staying dead in the end.

What the hell? The movie you've re-written is not the movie everyone signed on to do. What's going on here? If you really look at the movie Jake makes out with his mom...sorry his demon mom. What?

Really? How can you start a movie with the main character saying "Everything makes sense now." But then end the movie with "Did I imagine it all?"

Well in the beginning of the movie you said EVERYTHING made sense. what?

I liked what I thought the movie was forming to be. They should've ended the movie like this:

Jake finds out he's a demon hell spawn child or whatever. He goes to a priest just like he did in the movie but this priest will be more helpful. He tells Jake that all humans can be healed, cleansed and reach for atonment and all of that. Jake being part demon wants to break the devil ties.

He tells his not!mom (in my version) Marisol what he wants to do and because she's all into that tarot universe stuff would she know of a way to help him. She thinks he's crazy and breaks up with him.

He goes off to try to ignore the voices that tell him to kill. Yes, they're voices telling him to kill just like he was having those crazy images. ::cutting your tongue and all that:: yeesh

So, he meets up with this vampire named Angel. ::no, no no, just joking::

No, he meets up with Walt - the tattoo guy and Walt tells him that there's a loophole. He doesn't tell Walt he's part demon though. But Walt tells him that demons would never devote temselves to a life of atonement and that's what he needs to do.

But Jake's running out of time, his devil mom wants him back now! Because he's the prince of darkness or whatever. He fights the oncoming images of killing and so forth with meditation.

His mom dies, cancer or something. She comes to him in a dream while he's meditating and she tells him that atonement is about sacrificing.

Time passes by the devil doesn't seem to be after him any more. Even though he still gets the killer images, he doesn't tell anyone. Marisol comes back and while they're going out or whatever. The devil comes back and tries to kill Marisol. The devil figures if it kills Marisol Jake will be fuled with rage to go darkside. Jake sacrifices his life to save Marisol.

Jake legally dies for like five minutes or something and when he comes back he comes back ok. No more death images, no more devil so forth and so on happy ending.

OR, Jake could just die. Which to me would be a better ending than being accused for your parents murder and having blood all over yourself as the cops haul you off and probably do illegal things to you for being such a freak.

OR we can go a totally different route and have a side of good in this story. We could have someone following Jake around with the intentions of saving him. But there's so much going on in Jake's life he doesn't know who's good and who's bad. All the while his friends are dying. And he thinks he's next.

OR we could just not have Jake be the devil's son at all. And just let it be a story about a deadly video game. Because they really didn't play that whole The Pathway thing up. But a video game that constanly harrasses you in an age where we have caller id is not that scary.

I think I could do a much better movie. I'll go work on it now. I've got two more hours at work.
double shifts suck

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