Friday, August 1, 2008

The New Girl: My Supernatural Season 4 Vow

So after hearing the news about the new girl a swirl of thoughts came to mind. Shortly after the those thoughts came to mind fear was not to far behind.

What kind of character will the new girl be? I know she's going to be Sam's girlfriend, and gosh does he need one. But did she arrive after Dean comes back? Does she arrive before Dean comes back? Is she evil? Is she not who she seems to be? Will I like her and then will Eric and co. kill her? Will any of this be good to the show???

And then I realized, all this speculation will not only ruin my summer, but my social life - the small life that it is. So I am taking a vow that I think all Supernatural fans should take:

My Supernatural Vow

I, Lauren one of the biggest Supernatural fans, vow not to hate the new girl before she has her episode debut. I promise not to prejudge her and be as objective as I possibly could.

Now onto her info: Supernatural Catches Wildfire Beauty

Hmm, maybe losing one's sibling to the eternal fires of Hades ain't the absolute worst thing in the world? I mean, just look at the sympathy cuddling! Wildfire spitfire Genevieve Cortese has been cast on the CW's Supernatural in the role of Kristy, a small-town waitress who gets romantically involved with Jared Padalecki's Sam sometime after the brooder's brother Dean's death.Thus far, Cortese is slated to at least appear in the Season 4 premiere, airing Sept. 18. — Matt Mitovich

she's very pretty

Ahhhhhhh. Trying so hard not to prejudge. I'm sure she'll be a wonderful addition. I think. I hope.

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