Friday, August 15, 2008

Supernatural Season 4 - Smelling the Roses

I think that times like these are important. We're nearly a month away from season 4 and I think that before the complaining begins (because we will complain - well find something.) That we sould take the time to be grateful that we're getting a season 4.

That there's episodes in the can waiting for us to watch and be excited about when there was a time when we were unsure that we'd be getting a season 4. So keep that in mind and just be happy that Supernatural has made it when shows in Supernaturals' genre have gone away.

Man I'm so hyped. I found all these clips on youtube from ComicCon (grits teeth) since I didn't get to go. Well anyway thank God for youtube and me say I hate spoilers I don't read them. I run from them. So I'm grateful for the spoiler warnings and tags and so forth. But I clicked the link ANYWAY! And after a couple of seconds I shut if off

So the first part of the first ep of season 4 SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS
Dean ***looks like*** he's waking up in a coffin. And then I shut if off, lol! I'll wait until September, ha!

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