Friday, August 1, 2008

Why Dream A Little Dream of Me is the Best episode of Season 3

This show is almost entirely character driven. So to have an episode that digs deeper into two characters in this way was entertaining. Not to mention what the deal with Sam is. That was more outward than inward dialogue. It's not what's being said about Sam that's making the gears in my mind turn. But lets begin at the beginning.

Bobby -- who is freakin' awesome. We find out how he got into hunting. His wife, I always guessed it was his wife, or a child. But wife came to mind first. This makes me think about how he and John became friends. The two of them lost their wives to evil. We finally hear Dean say that he thinks of Bobby as a father, and I don't think anyone else thought otherwise, but I don't think Bobby realized it. I don't think he sees Sam and Dean as his sons but I guess now he does.

This in conjuncture with what happens to Dean later on is important to this episode.
Dean -- everyone on God's blue Earth knows that Dean resents his father and is jealous of Sam. I don't blame the guy, but living with that, coping and then moving on is what Dean needs to do, but how? How do you break from the only life you've known how to live? It's not simple to just quit. It's more complex. Dean doesn't care if he lived or died, because John didn't. Not until he had to face it back during IMTOD. It was all peachy when Dean was dying in Faith, but John wasn't around, he didn't have to face Dean or Sam let alone accept responsibility. And to Dean, John gave up pretty easily making the deal with the demon for Dean. Dean was still carrying that guilt around for his father, and now the same happend for Sam. IMO Bobby showed more emotion for what Dean did for Sam (making the deal) than I think John would've if John were around to see what Dean did.

The whole scene was chilling. Dean talking to himself. Jensen Ackles is a wonderful actor. It was very creepy to watch. Dean beat himself and the later shoot himself and then the whole "You're gonna die!" I'm like "Oh God!" But it was awsome. The way the episode was shot especially the dreams was excellent. And at the end when demon Dean snaps his fingers --haunting. Very haunting.

Sam -- now here's the more subtle enchilada. Sam's going to turn evil, no bones about it. As a writer you don't do this much set up and character worry over something that's not going to happen. It's subtle but Sam's turning evil. You saw how he shot up Jake in AHBL2, and you saw how he wasted Gordon, and you saw how he iced Casey and the priest. And I know what you're going to say. But Lauren, those were all evil people/demons. Alright what about DALDOM? Yes, this guy was homicidal, but Sam whomped on the guy with a bat! Sure he would've killed Dean, but Sam didn't give the guy the chance to work up to getting close to Dean. Remember when the guy was beating Sam when he was tied to the ground. Sam looked a little like he enjoyed it. Well, not enjoyed it but he was feeding off of it to use his powers later.
Sam drinking at 2 in the afternoon - evil.

Sam and Bela -- first I was enraged and was all, what the hell is this sh*t. The producers just wanted Lauren Cohan in a nightie, WHATEVER! But then I calmed down and told me inner fangirl to shut up, and that even if I did meet Jared or Jensen there's no way they'd run off with me anyway, so what am I getting mad about? Then I thought about it more. Sam did think Bela was hot when he first met her, when he thought she was a waitress. But yea, she did shoot him! Sam is turning evil because that's that whole masochist, I like pain S and M crap. Being shot by Bela probably turned Sam on, which is not like Sam which means Sam is evil. Sam's evil - the end. After Sam saves Dean. Dean'll have to save Sam, because there's no way he's going to kill him.

I missed Azazel. We hardley knew thee.

I feel like I need to address Bela since I have another page saying that I hate her. She was okay in this episode because she was marginalized. She was also okay because Dean was acting like himself. Sam wasn't but that's because he hadn't had any in awhile and he's turning evil so that's his deal. It wasn't an episode that centered around Bela or had Bela in it for no reason. She brought the plant, stole the gun, and stayed the fuck out of everyone's way.
Sam might kill Bela. I think he gets off on killing. They've mentioned it twice in the show. I think he gets a rush from killing. Sam's getting creepy. I'm starting to love him more though - I know it's sick.

Damnit Kripke and Sera - you guys are jerks. Call me.

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