Sunday, August 17, 2008

Off Topic: Devor is an AWFUL movie

There's SPOILERS in this post for both Devour and House of Wax

And I own it.

It has taken me weeks to actually come to terms with how bad the movie is. But it is a bad movie. But I love Jensen and I just couldn't admit to it right away.

But tell me why I taped/burned it and have it on disc right now?

I watch the beginning and the middle and I just don't watch the end. I have my own ending, which you know I will post later because I am a writer and I fix things like this.

I have this fear that Jensen and Jared will quit Supernatural and we'll never see them together again. But they're sooo cool together. But I'm afraid they'll quit because of type casting.

Here's my deal...I'm watching House of Wax, ok and I'm looking at it like. OH MY GOD! Sam would never do any of this crap!

And I'm watching Jared as Wade be an ass and I'm like. Sam would've gotten out of this. What a horrible way to die. Then as Wade is being covered in the wax and all, I'm expecting Dean to jump in and save everyone.

Same thing with Devour I'm looking at it like. Damnit! If Sam were there this would never happen. But of course this was BEFORE Dean died and went to hell, so maybe the ending of Devour would have happend the same way wether Sam were there or not.

Don't drink and watch movies. It''s bad. I wish I was drinking when I was watching Devour.

Like, if you're a Jensen Ackles fan by all means watch Devour. You get to stare at him for about an hour and a half he's such a good actor. I really mean it. I really want him to be Matt in my dad's book. If it's ever turned into a movie!

But DO NOT watch House of Wax expecting to get a lot of Jared time in. LOL! I FF past his death. It was upsetting.


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