Saturday, October 11, 2008

Largo, Maryland

Largo, Maryland is a hidden paradise. I love going to the Capital Bookfest in October. My family and I have been going for three years to promote my father's book and every year I'm shocked. I'm shocked at how inviting and kind the people of this city are.

The adults are courteous and kind when you smile they smile back. And God bless the children they've raised who are mannerly and respectful.

Only in Largo would I be able to not only see in person but meet Nikki Giovanni. I hope the citizens of Largo realize what kind of treasue they have in their citizens and work hard to perserve that, because it's rare.

Everyone was welcoming and sweet, even the people who didn't buy my dad's book. If you don't like sci-fi that's fine, but they were still very nice.

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