Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where Supernatural Fans and I part ways

I don't understand just what the big deal was. It seems as if there was some uproar about Sam calling Dean a dick in the last episode "Yellow Fever" and Sam's always been a jerk like that to Dean and vice versa. I've just chalked it up to you know a regular brotherly coversation. But it seems that fans made such a big deal about it that even Eric had to call up tv guide (or his blog) as I sometimes call it. I wish tv guide was my blog. And issue a response to the people who didn't get it.

Talk about being sensitive.

And I didn't think that Route 666 was as bad as everyone said it was. I think the complaints over weight how bad the ep actually was. I mean, I think Route 666 gets more complaints than Bugs. It just really seems as if Supernatural fans just behave as if Bugs never existed and never aired.

It's rainy here. So bummbed out.

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