Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Weekend Oct 4 and 5

Well, my family took your annual trip the the Capital Bookfest in Largo Maryland! It went terrificly. Terrificly? That's not a word. But that's how well it went, I've even invented a new word.

I nearly knocked over one of the greatest African American activists in history. Ms. Nikki Giovanni was there and my father had written a piece on the current state of African Americans in today's society, called Legacy Lost and she's mentioned it in. So, I didn't think it wouldn't hurt for her to have a copy.

I rushed over, me and one other lady I don't know what she wanted but EVERYONE was watching me run like a crazy woman over to her and she stopped so suddenly (I was behind her) I nearly knocked her over! Oh my God! I'm laughing about it now, but I would've been so embarrased if I had actually knocked her over and worse hurt her. So, there's extra proof that God is looking out for me all of the time.

I cut the other lady off, I apologized for doing so, gave her my dad's piece and left.

She was nice.

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