Monday, October 20, 2008

A Post About ME!

I'm going to talk about me for awhile now, if you'd be so inclined to care. If not, it's fine. I'll cry myself to sleep later about it.

I suppose I'll start with the things that I'm always doing:
Helping My Dad with his novel: Escape 2 Earth
School (this is my last year: two months to go)

And they've all been pretty hard to deal with. But I'll start with school and work. I'm a part-time receptionist at an assisted living facility who wants to work in tv, film or I'll even take radio. So I don't know how to get started into something like that or when to start applying.

I may have to leave this big city to get a good job, there's too much competition and it's all about who you know.

The same with my dad's book. I've been searching and contacting people to get him signed on for conventions and book fairs, but book fair's cost money to get a table at and scifi conventions are few and over here in the east coast so...I don't know what I'm going to do about that.

I've sent out a query letter to Simon and Schuster to see if we could get my dad's second book, Return 2 Earth published there. And I've finished the extremely roughest draft you'd ever seen in your life to my own book called, Secrets of a Deltorian Princess: The Quest to Save Xanar. But like I said it's nowhere near finished and absolutely no one knows about it. And no one ever reads this blog to my knowledge so no one still knows about it.

So here's my checklist:
Find a new job in my field
Help my dad with his books
Finish my own book
Become independent in every way


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