Saturday, October 11, 2008

Supernatural: Season 4

I'm so pissed at SAM!

First Ruby's back, and I knew she would be, I knew they were setting things up for Sam and Ruby in season 3, but the writer's strike happend and it was all jacked up for a bit. So, now Ruby's back running around Sam's hotel room practically naked. okay. And I say okay in the skeptical tone like ooookay.

Then, BAM! Nikki (Meg) comes back as not Demon!Meg but regular human Meg. And she's still awesome, even as she's beating up Dean. And she calls Sam a monster and says "What you're doing with that demon." Alright fine! That could mean anything! So you mean him practicing his powers with Ruby right? Right?

NO! Says the demon in the start of Metamorphosis. "slutting around" are you kidding me SAM? For all intents and purposes that his not her body! Ruby is using some other girls body and forcing it to do things with Sam she doesn't want to do. That's rape. I'm not kidding. That's demon rape.

Unless things aren't as they seem but what else could "slutting around" mean? "The things you two do in the dark?" I'm having a heart problems over this. Using demon powers is one thing. Havind sex with a demon in another person's body is a WAY WAY other thing.

I'm flipping out. Whatever. Whatever, Eric, and Kim, and Sera and Kathryn whatever you guys suck and I can't wait until next Thursday!

I mean, Dean died so Sam could shack up with a demon. Ahhhh! Oh god. Give me a break.

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