Friday, October 24, 2008


Hollywood is always looking for new writers right? Pick me! I need a job ASAP.

I do think I write an episode of Chuck or something or write for my own show.

Ah, I'll stick to re-writing my novel. And start my next one. I want them to come out at the same time.

I've tried not to get into this whole thing with Sara Palin, but really Sarah? A Louis Vuitton for a 7 year old! Can she even spell it? I mean, what does a 7 year old need with a purse anyway. I didn't get one until I was a little older for "special reasons". It's way past ridiculous.

And lets not forget about the girl who got attacked in PA said a black man did it and scratched the letter b into her face. Why the f*ck would anyone ever do that, ever?

stupid people

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