Friday, October 31, 2008

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester!

This is it! These are the episodes that make me LOVE Supernatural. I LOVE this episode.
::sweetly:: And I will tell you why. heehee

This episode had it all:
-Urban Legend opener, loves it!
-Sam and Dean angst
-Sam and Dean fighting evil

I feel the undercurrent of season one and I love season one.

So here's the other thing, I love Sam. See:
And I felt so bad for him when Castiel just made him feel bad, evil, insignificant all at the same time. Sam's not used to that, if you notice the angels were really interested in talking to Dean.
Sam's used to being head honcho and all and now he's second fiddle to Dean, again.

Back to Castiel. he was just like, oh, so you're the guy with the demon blood. Like that's all he is to them. And you can see how Sam felt so small, good job Jared. I wanted to crawl underneath the bed for him. He just based him right there.

But I think that after meeting Sam and seeing what he's about. This is why he's now questioning his orders. Sam isn't evil, but he's got something evil inside of him, what to do? what to do? You heard Ruby they smite first and ask questions later. But now he's got a chance to see Sam before he has to smite, what will he do?

I love the portrayal of the angels. I like how the actors are very into it. They make sure to make the viewer aware that they aren't human, the way they walk and move around as if they were new to their bodies. I like that, it makes it more real.

There's still this undercurrent from season 2, also known as "What did John say to Dean?" season! And know we have two secrets to contend with "What was Dean doing in hell?" and "What was Sam doing while Dean was in hell?" Neither one pleases me.

A lot of people have theories that Dean did some torturing in hell so that he would be spared of being tortured himself and that, that's realistically (if the situation were real) possible. I mean you're in hell, getting your ass kicked in ways you couldn't even imagine and suddenly you get offered a reprieve? Well, no matter what the form of the reprieve is in, you're going to take it cuz your in hell. And I mean I know what the out is, because those guys were evil and they deserved hell, but does everyone who goes to hell really deserve hell? We really don't know where the line is drawn, maybe there were some people down there who could've almost made it to heaven. People like Dean or John. Can you imagine, being at your lowest of your lowest point so low you'd torture someone else to save yourself. That bothers me.

Another thing that bothers me is Sam getting it on with a demon. Oh my God, I can't even. I can't. I think I've discussed this earlier so I won't go into it again, but the hell Sam?! Oh no. I'm supposed to be doing my homework and editing this story.

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