Friday, October 24, 2008

Supernatural Season 4: 6 Episodes In Thoughts

Alright, I don't know where to start, we're 6 episodes in this season and I'm loving it so far. But you know how that one kid does consistently well, better than all the other students and then all of a sudden starts doing the same level of work as the other kids? I'm the teacher who expects more because that's what we've been getting no matter what kinds of problems you're having a home.

I love that they've FINALLY fixed the filter. It's appropriately light when it's supposed to be and appropriately dark and scary when it's supposed to.

Let's start from the beginning.

Lazarus Rising
LOVE IT! Okay? Love it. Dean comes back, bam! Business as usual.

Not loving a demon possessed girl running around Sam's hotel room in her undies.

Are You There God It's Me, Dean Winchester

Kripke if you ever make an ep title this long again. I'll harm you. But another great episode. Brought back some old faves, I was expecting to see Jess and some others but that would've been a too way perfect episode.

Not really liking Meg call Sam a monster for what he's "doing" with Ruby. Gave me creepy creepy chills.

In the Beginning
So Mary's a hunter. Sounds familiar. Sounds like something I've been telling everyone since the SECOND SEASON FINALE! I knew it! Well, I didn't know it, but it's awesome. And she's sweet and she kicks ass and there were moments like "Okay, mister stop it." Hilarious. And Dean tearing up while talking to him mom. Love it!

It was a good episode. Nice to see a monster of the week episode. It was gross. But is it just me or is it that the guys are starting to suck? Season one and two they were on their ps and qs and just seems like they seem to need help a lot or get people killed.

Not loving the demon saying "what you two do in the dark" please let that mean demon code for patty cake or something that's not sexual. I can't handle my darling sammy doing the nasty with a demon. I just....Sam!

Monster Movie
Why? I mean it was funny and I know about the reason behind the black and white but no more episodes like that this season. You only get one.

Yellow Fever
What did I just say? Alright fine, although it it hilarious to watch Jensen Ackles run away from an adorable puppy. The whole Dean's afraid thing went on for far too long in the episode, we got it. But it was hilarious to hear things such as "that green bitch was totally out to get him" hee hee. Dean screaming like a girl at that wasn't that funny.

But I am noticing how Sam's growing, he's taken on more command and responsibility - not just in this episode. Sam, Sam now has swagger. I don't know if it's just Jared or a deliberate writing move. But you know, Sam is becoming more like Dean, well the way Dean was. It seems as if they've almost, almost switched roles.

Dean used to be the black and white guy while Sam wanted to think and overlook everything and now Sam is like this is black and white but he seems to be wrong in his thinking. I mean he wanted to kill a virgin last year so...Things are changing.

All in all. I love Jared and I love Jensen and I hope they love doing Supernatural or else I would feel horrible for gaining pleasure from their misery. But judging by the "Eye of the Tiger" extra clip we got yesterday I'm guessing that they're having FAR too much fun which is cool with me. I hope we get more things like that.

Adorkable. I mean who starts singing Eye of the Tiger like that? Dorks. A cute dork nonetheless.

I'm not looking forward to this next episode, It's Halloween, Sam Winchester. Whenever an episode is done when they bring back EVERYTHING they've ever faced, we always see like a couple of bad guys we've seen before. Don't say EVERYTHING because when you say that people are going to look for the things that didn't show up.

When did Bobby have the time to learn Japanese? It's getting to be a bit much on that too. Spanish maybe. That way we can go into how he used to hunt in Mexico or something. But Japanese? Unless that used to be apart of Bobby's job and he's actually rich and he quit his rich job to hunt full time? Huh? Okay, I can buy it now.

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