Saturday, October 11, 2008

Supernatural: Season 4 Castiello

I don't care how it's spelled, you know who I'm talking about. Besides, that's why we have closed caption and my cc, spells it Castiello. So, deal with it.

He's awesome.
Not as awesome as Bobby is, but he's cool.

I figured it out a split second before he said it, but that's what everyone says so I doubt if anyone would believe my second before it happens I KNEW IT! moment.

Castiello, um, scares me.
He tore Dean from hell! 100 points
It took him four months. down to 90 points
He's got work for Dean to do, from God! back to 100 points
He threatned to put Dean back in hell. NO! Down to 80 points
He took Dean back in time and he saw his parents back to 100 points
He took away Pam's sight 90 points
But she was flirting with Dean and I didn't like her groping him so back to 100 points

Oh Castiello, your steely demeanor is welcomed because it's different but you worry me about this whole end of the world business.

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